Team Building? No, Team Cooking


In the perfect recipe, each ingredient plays a great role

Work in team is not always easy! Tensions and misunderstandings are often lurking. However, the group can achieve goals that are unattainable for the individual. Has it ever happened to you to reach a goal in a team and think "wow alone I would never have made it"? To me yes, and not just in the kitchen! 

The winning team is like a well-structured recipe: you need the right ingredients, everyone has their role, moment, consistency and character. The recipe fails if there are no organization, knowledge, method, creativity and even some conflicts to manage and transform into opportunities

The perfect recipe is much more than the sum of its ingredients, don't you think? Or to quote Lewin "the group is more than the sum of its individual parts"!

But why did I decide to plan culinary experiences FOR TEAM

The kitchen is the ideal place to experiment in team: getting to know each other better, collaborating, integrating, respecting deadlines, overcoming differences and, why not, challenging each other while creating a team project! In the kitchen, however, there are no desks to keep in order, reports to be delivered, emails to reply to ... 

There is a common goal (very tasty) and the path is an adventure to be lived full of fun, play and sharing.

The team in the kitchen is welcomed in its heterogeneity: people of different ages, skills, inclinations and ideas who together choose a goal and work together to achieve it! Of course on the way there will be unforeseen events, challenges, someone will have to take a step back and someone else will have to expose themselves, but the victory will have a sparkling flavor ... like the prosecco with which we will celebrate it! 

Turn off your pc, I'm waiting for you in the kitchen! Discover FOR TEAM experiences or write me to plan together a CUSTOMIZE experience for your team.