Magic and Enchanted Experiences Creator


I'm Gloria an Italian, Tuscan & Florentine woman born in Fiesole, the ancient Etruscan and Roman village on a hilltop overlooking Florence.

I'm a food lover, a passionate cook and pioneer of culinary experiences.

I grew up in a family with extravagant culinary inclinations: Sicily and Africa on the one hand, Lombardy, Tuscany and Lazio on the other: isn't it a cool blend

Since I was three, the kitchen has always been an accessible place to experiment, have fun, relax. My passion has deep roots, made of recipes from grandmothers and grandfathers, seasoned with the wise and innovative suggestions of my parents. 

Food has always played a special role in my life and my greatest passion now as then is sharing ancient local recipes, tales, legendsfamily tales and culinary secrets with curious people like you from all around the world....

My home is the theater of the culinary experience: each object will tell you something about me and my family! To complete the picture, a panoramic kitchen, a patio available in each season and a scenic view of Florence and the surrounding hills

In all experiences we will get our hands dirty, laugh together and spend an authentic and genuine time, especially unique because every time is like the first time for me!

I'm also an animal lover and in my home live 2 dogs, a mixed Vietnamese pig - boar and a cat. Everyday I cook for them home made food!

Discover with me the secretes of my place and all my culinary experiences.

If you'd like to be part of my family for a day have a look to the experiences we can share together: CULINARY EXPERIENCES PURE, CULINARY EXPERIENCES PLUS, FOR TWO, FOR FAM, FOR FRIENDS, FOR TEAM, CUSTOMIZE FOR, A GIFT FOR.