The Food Tailoring


A Customized Culinary Experience

If labels, categories and products in series are tight on you, this is the blogpost for you! 

What characteristics do a tailor have in common with who offers tailor-made culinary experiences? Creativity, reliability, precision, imagination, taste (in clothes and in food) ... 

But what is their most important skill? Deeply observe who they are facing, read their wishes (even those they don't know they have) and create the magic

When I was a child I often went with my grandma Francesca to the seamstress and, sitting in a corner among fabric scraps, mannequins, buttons, meters and pincushions, I observed the various stages of creation. The most exciting moment was certainly the delivery of the finished dress: what was born from a design scribbled on a sheet, suddenly became tangible, perfect, unique!

Who knows if these experiences as a child have somehow influenced my way of approaching my passion for creating culinary experiences, probably yes!

Se desideri vivere un'esperienza di questo tipo con il tuo partner, un familiare, un amico o anche da solo scrivimi! Ti prometto che non ti bucherò con gli spilli! Le esperienze SU MISURA ti aspettano.

As you know on my website there are some categories (for two, for fam, for friends, for team...). I designed them precisely to give an order to the experiences and make them easily usable for those who come to visit me in this virtual "home".

But then I thought: but if there was someone who does not want to navigate between categories already set or that does not identify in any of them? Thus was born my "Food Tailoring": I do not use fabrics, needle and thread or buttons, but recipes, ingredients and atmosphere.

Customized experiences are often the most fun and intense to create because they allow me to establish a deep relationship with my guests: some write asking me to mix two different experiences like "Hey I'm interested in Etruscan cuisine but I also want to challenge my friends to the stove, can we do?". Some people ask me: "I would like to do something with my son that prevents him from always holding the phone and maybe even be able to have a chat and a laugh!". Or who confesses to me: "My partner and I can not find a moment just for us because we have family, work, everyday life: can you create something unique for us?".
Receiving these requests excites me but also invests me with a great responsibility: these people do not just book an experience among those I created with love, passion, study and dedication, but they ask for something more: the (culinary) tailor-made dress.

I listen to them, I ask a few questions and then I let myself be guided by instinct and by that sixth sense that we all have hidden within us, what makes us perceive "the other", creating a connection.

And while the experience takes place I am lucky to be able to see the spark that lights up inside their eyes, the same one that the tailor sees when he observes the customer who looks in the mirror and says "it's exactly what I wanted"!

If you want to live an experience like this with your partner, a family member, a friend or even alone write me! I promise I won't pin you! CUSTOMIZE FOR experiences are waiting for you.

Mentre scrivevo questo articolo ho avuto in testa due donne: Alessandra Andreani, la mia copywriter del cuore figlia di un incredibile sarto di cui mi ha narrato tanti aneddoti che custodisco gelosamente e Daphne Palmitessa le cui immagini su IG mi fanno sempre pensare a stile, eleganza e tailor made.

Mi è sembrato giusto citarle perché in un certo senso mi hanno fatto compagnia nella stesura di questo articolo! Ciao ragazze!

While I was writing this article I had in my mind two women: Alessandra Andreani, my friend and copywriter, daughter of an incredible tailor whose she told me many lovely anecdotes and Daphne Palmitessa whose images on IG always make me think of style, elegance and tailor made.

It seemed right to mention them because in a certain way they "were with me" in the writing of this article! Hello girls!