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What's new in the pot? The secret is ready to be served and enjoyed!

On December 24, 2021, something happened that I hardly told anyone: my Cooking School was born

Yes, you read that right! 

After more than 10 years in which my greatest passion had to "adapt" to the spaces that I was able to grant it between work and incessant commitments, I decided to open the gates and let it run free, finally giving it the place it deserves: the one in the front row!

If you know me you can say, I can't sit still and I'm always on the hunt for new adventures, emotions, challenges

In these years I have grown (you never stop...) thanks to the culinary and life "experiences". There were those that brought me satisfaction and gave me the charge but also the "less kind" ones that made me fear of not succeeding

I met unique people, dreamed of ambitious projects, created incredible partnerships ... In short, it was really time for me to take flight to reach new heights!

In the midst of so many new features there are also some fixed points (thank goodness): the most important is the location

The cooking school is in Fiesole in my family home, the one of my grandparents Francesca and Guglielmo. The house where I grew up, I laughed, I cried, I made snacks based on homemade bread and hand-picked blackberry jam under the Tuscan Sun, I raised dogs, cats, ducks, snails, pigs, turtles, roosters and hens, dormice, parrots and doves, I wrote poems in the shade of the oaks and I cooked ... really a lot

The same house that I renovated in 2019 thanks to my husband Matteo, finally giving life to my dreaming kitchen: spacious, bright, panoramic, welcoming and a little social

A place in which to express yourself, make mistakes, surprise yourself, get dirty and have fun, set on the top of a hill, in the heart of an enchanted forest.

When you join me you will be able to perceive all this because a house is not a commercial space for rent, each object tells a story or hides a secret that you can reveal

Here, you will be the protagonist of unforgettable experiences to share with whoever you want: for two, for fam, for friends, for team

You can also break out of the mold and categories and create a unique tailor-made experience with me! 

The stories I have in store for you are many, as well as the recipes that I started experimenting and collecting since I was three years old: sometimes I respect the teachings of my grandmothers, others I venture recklessly into new combinations and I make tradition blush, do you want to do it too?

In Italian we say "chi mi vuol bene mi segua", so I'd like to tell you: "follow me if you love me"!

There is a newly born Instagram page @cookwith_gloriamottini that needs your support to get started and a site just completed: browse the contents and tell me what you think

The site is 100% friends power created by me with the precious help of the unique and inimitable Alessandra Andreani, copywriter, language juggler, attentive observer, forge of ideas for brand identity, irreplaceable "partner in crime". 

I'm waiting for you to cook together while admiring Florence from above!