Cooking with Friends


Turn the stove on and have fun 

Sitting around the table with friends is a unique pleasure: chatting, laughing out loud, sipping wine, steaming trays that pass under the nose whet the appetite, juicy gossip. Do you recognize yourself in this scenario? 

But there is something even more exciting than just eating together (you already know what I mean, right?): cooking together! 

In my family home, for as long as I can remember, there have always been very crowded lunches and dinners, where there was always room for an extra friend! There are guests who arrive at the last  asking "what's for dinner?" and those who like to ring the bell early to help out. Here these are those who live the most intense and engaging experience: opening a bottle of wine, stealing something from the appetizer tray, but above all sharing a part of the meal preparation by cooking together.

Over the years, these precious moments have become an unmissable and appreciated appointment almost more than eating a meal. Hence the idea of ​​creating culinary experiences FOR FRIENDS: there is the shy one who doesn't want to be seen struggling with the ingredients, the swagger one who flaunts his chef skills, the meticulous one who cuts vegetables into perfect cubes, the bungler one who dirties everything and everyone! Which category do you belong to? 

But the best part about of cooking with friends is that there are no rules, no judgments: lightness, fun, challenge, floured jokes. Creating together something incredible and varied, which tells a little about each one.

If you are looking for a cool idea to spend an unconventional evening with your friends, to celebrate a birthday in an original way, an unusual bachelor or bachelorette party, discover my FOR FRIENDS culinary experiences. Share the food, double the joy. I'm waiting for you!