Cooking with Family


The kitchen makes everyone agree

What is the biggest challenge for a family? Please everyone!

But there is a place where this becomes possible: a Tuscan family kitchen, mine!

My statement has its roots in the story of my childhood: the kitchen has always been an open, accessible place in which to experiment. A place where the mistake was not a failure but a springboard to new culinary adventures.

This is why I decided to create culinary experiences for FAMILY in my home: a moment when, as if by magic, all sounds come together, creating a tasty harmony. In my kitchen everyone has their own space and can fearlessly express their creativity.

Every voice is listened to, every idea welcomed. The ingredients become musical notes with which to create a symphony. The recipes are intertwined with childhood stories, with secrets learned by observing grandmothers at work standing on tiptoe and with the nose resting on the floured table.

Cooking with FAMILY is stay together, treating yourself to a moment of sharing without the haste that dominates everyday life, it is fun, play, carefree (in my kitchen you can get dirty without anyone getting angry). Time takes on its value again and you look into each other's eyes because with floured hands you can't use the phone!

If you desire to live a moment like this, discover FOR FAM culinary experiences or create a CUSTOMIZE one! I'm waiting for you in my family kitchen on the top of a rolling hill in the heart of Tuscany!