A date in the Kitchen


Four-handed Cooking is the perfect moment For Two

Why is it so good to cook as a couple? Have you ever tried it? 

I do! It is an activity I love to practice and for this reason I decided to create culinary experiences FOR TWO, dedicated to couples who are not afraid of adventure.

A candlelit dinner, a movie snuggle up on the sofa, a sunset stroll, there are many activities you can share with your partner, but what if you put on an apron and strip your inhibitions? (Culinary ones I mean!)

The kitchen awakens the 5 senseshands that daily click on keyboards and screens suddenly sink into ingredients of different consistencies and temperatures. They may initially resist but then become malleable to your touch

Gaze focuses on what you have on your hands, but also peeks at what your partner is doing.

Smell is teased by the attractive scents, you hear brown, simmer, crackle and finally the seduction of taste arrives! 

You're living in the here and now.

Cooking together is complicity, passion, respect, experimentation, fun, it is pursuing a common goal, reaching it and finally savoring it

Time is fluid, it flows marked by recipes passages and not by the clock. 

A date in the kitchen is the moment of escape you were looking for

Discover all the experiences FOR TWO or create a CUSTOMIZED one for you and your partner.