Velona's Suites are perfect for curious travelers who love discovering unusual and unforgettable accommodations, meeting warm local hosts, and experiencing the authentic side of Florence's history and culture.

Velona's Jungle is a designer oasis where many of the elegant objets d'art and furnishings date from the mid century, when Veronica's Grandfather Pasquale Velona - a respected Florentine art dealer - began collecting pieces during his travels in Italy and abroad. His fabulous finds from trips through Florence, Rome, Naples, London, Paris, and Vienna in the 1950's were paired exquisitely with the prestigious antique and period furnishings from his gallery, creating a one-of-a-kind home.

Veronica and her mother Serena added to the original collection, carefully selecting works by contemporary artists, fabrics and decorative accents by favorite designers, and choice books and sculpture...each chosen with the same care and passion as the grandfather and together creating the eclectic whole that is now Velona's Jungle.

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