Tuscan Gluten Free Experience

The no gluten side of Tuscany

Italy and Tuscany offer a lot of gluten free yummy recipes, but most of them are not shown in restaurants!

Let's discover together how to be happy even without gluten. Book here!

Menu: you'll cook 2 starters, fresh pasta, a seasonal sauce and a crunchy dessert!


  • Cecina, the traditional chickpeas savory cake topped with local caramelized onion
  • Polentine, (small polenta bites) topped with local eggplant and paprika


  • Gluten free fresh pasta made with gluten free flour and local organic eggs
  • Seasonal sauce: zucchini, basil, parmigiano cheese and toasted pine nuts pesto


  • "Croccante" the famous peanut brittle made with local honey

Important info: I'm happy to welcome people with no serious gluten intolerance but NOT allergy. The reason is because in my family kitchen flour and products with gluten are used every day. So I can not avoid cross contaminations. Write me if you need more infos.