Elena welcomes you in the heart of Florence!

Behind Palazzo Vecchio, in via Dei Leoni, she has renovated a family apartment turning it in three romantic and cozy suites.

Suitable for couples (romantic travel lovers) who want to fully enjoy the historic center of Florence with its art, but also its authentic lifestyle made of artisanal shops, small markets, vinaini and hidden alleys.

You will live in via Dei Leoni is a historic street in Florence: "Leoni" means lions, The animal symbol of the city: is the lion called Marzocco in honor of the god Mars, symbol of Strength and Resilience.

Elena was adopted by the city of Florence, she is an Italian traveler who has found her place in the world, who has never left Florence and with her work tries every day to transmit the love for this city that although she has not seen her born for sure has seen her discover herself.

In Florence everything can happen if you let yourself be enveloped by its streets, its noises and the infinite beauty of its art and history.

Write Elena and live a Little Suites in Florence experienceileonidelmarzocco@gmail.com