Pizza Lovers Experience

No pizza, No party

If you wanna stay clean, this experience is not for you!

The Italian food for excellence! The food that, at the first bite, draws a smile on your face!

And it's so light you can fly it (look at me in the first pic)!

Are you ready to pump your body and soul in this funny and satisfying pizza workout

Find out all the secrets about the pizza dough, touch it, become a pizza painter and top it with your favorite local flavors.

Let's have a party around the pizza oven in the patio!

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MenĂ¹: you'll prepare many different pizza, the focaccia and a sweet pizza for dessert! Using seasonal and local ingredients you'll top your pizza and have a lot of tasty fun baking and churning out your own hand made pizza!

Choose your session: morning session (10:00 - 14:00) or afternoon session (16:00-20:00).

If you need a custom time write me.

Vegetarian option available.