Fuordarno B&B

The FuordArno Bed & Breakfast is located in a historic building on the corner of a public garden overlooking the banks of the Arno.

The house - which was the old family home of the two sister owners, Carolina and Giulia - consists of only five rooms; each furnished with a different style, which characterizes them: from the deco style to the industrial one, passing through the east and northern Europe, to arrive at the Florentine style.

It is a welcoming house with attention to every detail, a refined environment, ideal for a stay in close contact with the extraordinary historic center of Florence. A Bed & Breakfast from which to get around on foot to visit the city and its main monuments, in fact located a few steps from Ponte Vecchio, the Uffizi Gallery, Piazza Pitti, Santa Croce and the Duomo.

The two sisters, after having each embarked on their own educational path – Carolina with law and above all the rights of prisoners and immigrants and Giulia with architecture specializing in urban planning – decided to reinvent themselves and return to the old house where they were born and raised up to the age of 25 to transform it into a place to host friends, tourists and people from around the world; where you can present and make people passionate about the breathtaking and beloved Florence; where you can rediscover your passions – from design to plants, from good home-made food to collaborations with guides, artists, artisans; where to give family warmth, a place to call "your home in Florence"!

Contacts: Lungarno Torrigiani n. 3 - 50125 Florence (Italy)

Website: www.fuordarno.it - Tel: +39 055 241950 - 

Mail: info@fuordarno.it 

Instagram: fuordarno.beb