Elena Fulceri  Florence with Flair

Welcome to the Great Beauy, Florence, made of masterpieces, flavors, breathtaking views and human warmth.
My name is Ele, native Florentine guide, with an insane passion for sharing treasures that are hiding above your eye line.
I look forward to discovering the main art sites and above all amazing curiosities that you'll find on guidebooks.
Florence looks stunning in every season: we could browse around in museums and gardens, walking in the city center or hiking in the panoramic hills.
Let's start from Santa Maria Novella where you can find in only one square three different art styles.
Together with a rose scented chocolate we can explore medieval paintings by Giotto, the Renaissance architecture of the main church and eventually find the most delightful essences and perfumes still produced by a century old apothecary.
Within a very little distance we might discover rewarded artisans, antic dealers, bakeries, small (and gorgeous!) museums, medieval artworks, and phenomenal roof top terraces! No wonder this is my favorite neighborhood of the city.
This would be just the very beginning of a sparkling day together, ready to head to the breathtaking Dome of the cathedral, offering a stunning view above the city. Architecture, history, paintings and good exercise. 
Traveling is a refined pleasure blending beyond museums, markets, secret archives, shopping. As a cherry on the cake there are lots of green paths in the most panoramic surroundings. 
What about a breathtaking experience in a fairytale garden, walking through art installations and rose bushes overlooking the entire valley? Maybe with a good glass of red wine?
I cannot wait to prepare your tailor made experience!
Ci vediamo a Firenze!
To meet my friend Elena and live you authentic Florentine experience: