Cook and Medieval Painting

Create your own piece of art and cook delicious Medieval recipes, a unique experience that will gain you two different skills!

Medieval masters discovered long ago that egg yolk was the perfect binder for glossy and glazed paintings.

Veronica, a real Italian Artist, will allow to feel like one of Giotto's apprentices .

You will learn and handle a wide selection of material used at the time:ancient and precious color like lapis lazuli or azurite; lacquers such cochineal and much more. You'll learn about their history and use.

You'll use egg tempera to paint a "miniatura" (miniature) of Brunelleschi's Dome on a 23 3/4 k gold leaf mounted on paper which you'll bring home with you as a keepsake of this incredible and unique experience.

At the same time with Gloria, the Chef, you'll prepare with your own hands artistic recipes inspired by land's flavor and history

Find out how was a Medieval banquet and then be part of it and live a timeless experience.

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