About me, the Etruscan Girl

Welcome on my Digital Home! I'm Gloria an Italian-Tuscan-Etruscan & Florentine girl born in Fiesole, the ancient Etruscan village on a hilltop overlooking Florence.

I'm in love with my territory and whole its beauties, my desire is sharing all the new experiences I live during the year!

I'm a food lover and almost everything I know about cuisine comes from Grandmas's or Family teachings!

I'm also an animal lover and in my home live 2 dogs, the huge Gibran and the crazy little Molière and a mixed Vietnamese pig - boar called Olimpia. Everyday I cook for them home made food! 

So my passion is sharing my home, family tales, ancient local recipes, legends, history, tips and culture, with curious people from all around the world.... 

I'm also an explorer and a hidden gems raider ... so discover with me the my homeland's secrets!